Everything about our society’s response to Covid-19 has been built on incompetence, lies, and coercion. Vax Watch is committed to fighting back against the governments and organizations who hate you, want to strip you of your rights, and inject you against your will. Few have had the spine to oppose the strong arm of our corrupt system–until now.

This is the fight of our time, so STAND UP.



No one should be forced to inject anything into their body against their will. Nor should they be punished, fired, or barred from public life for not taking a vaccine that increasingly seems to do more harm than good. Vaccine Mandates are morally wrong. If we do not have bodily autonomy, what freedom do we have at all?

Refuse the needle.


Masks don’t work. We’re told “trust the science”, yet science suggests COVID can spread through aerosols that are exponentially smaller than the particles masks are able to prevent transmission of. Even people that are vaccinated are still forced to wear them. Why? It’s just another form of control. When you put the mask on, you show that you are compliant, subservient, and submissive.

Refuse the muzzle. 


Do you want the CDC and faceless bureaucrats in D.C. to control if you can fly on a plane, see a show, or even enter the grocery store? A world where “experts,” vaccines, and masks are worshiped as gods? This is our reality…right now! What dystopian society is lurking just around the corner? We must stand up and end the medical police state now, or we may never have another chance.

Refuse the tyranny.